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Well Hello again.. this is a more professional blog.. the last one was rushed so much, SO where am I now in life? That’s a long one.. after leaving Sydney I have moved back in with my sister and have been arranging all my things so that I may move to America, it is going to take me a lot to get there but I will not stop, will not quit, I will never give up until I have my :iconxXShiranuiXx: is in my arm’s! This will all come in time... for now however I am looking forwards to starting my course in hospitality a certificate 2. It is an easy to get ^_^ I got this laptop through a ..... *CoughFriendCough* razz but yeah had my pay cut off but I still got the lappy... she is a darl she is doing an extended pay thing.... so at least now I’m online more!... you know what I feel like a little rant....
WELL, WELL.. now there is something that really makes me mad.... and I mean MAD.. I don’t give out my real name for simple reasons and I make sure people understand that, well what happens when someone you know who WAS close to you decides that they are going to post your real name in a blog.. there is nothing I can do.. I know that but it does make me mad when people should know better! I mean ok your angry so what when I get mad I just don’t mention names! It’s not that hard to do that you know!.... thankfully no one knows that person is me otherwise I would have really got ton mad!.. ahh but I’m above those feelings.. why get mad at the silliness of other people especially when they do such things.... like the children they are! Ok I guess this is enough of a rant for now... lol
<b><u>DA news:</b></u>
Hmmmm news huh.. ok well I’m still working on demon 2 deaths awakening. But you will have to wait for that one as its going to be long.. hmm well I’m also working on a commission for a friend of mine but she doesn’t talk to me anymore so I’m thinking about burning it...
<b><u>Other news: </b></u>
Other news huh..... well I don’t know.... anything really.. If anyone wants a piece for themselves note me with the details and I will see if I can do it ^_^
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