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The Voice of The Dragon
Ever wondered what ticks through a dragon adepts mind? Well here is your chance to find out what ticks through mine. Comments are most welcome and encouraged on my songs and poems.
Falazurax - RPG Character Bio
Name: Falazurax

Race: Dragon

Sub Race: Tarterian

Age Category: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Draconic Form

User Image

The picture isn't exactly clear so here's a written discription of his dragon form as well. He is skeletally gaunt with leathery scales stretched tight over his withered looking flesh. His wings look damaged and very tattered but apperances can be deceiving, he can fly very well. His claws are long and black in colour while his scales form a stripped pattern of grey, olive green and black. His eyes are black in colour but an eerie and ghostly green glow flickers across them and his face seems to wear a perpetual sneering grin. On all fours the height of his true form is aproximately twenty five feet tall, still small by the standards of his kind.

Humanoid Form

User Image User Image

Personality: Falazurax is one messed up sadomasicistic, insane and boarderline pyschotic dragon. He has one hell of a messed up past but that is what makes him who he is. He has no regard for the lives of others as such and has very few people that he keeps close to him, and those that are close to him and piss him off end up dead and often eaten, depending on what mood he is in and how hungry he is. He loves pain, he is addicted to it and in an adventuring troope he would be quite willing to throw himself into a trap, not because it'll save his companion but because he will experience the exquisite pain and revel in it. He is an addict and when he hasn't had his fix it's bad news for everyone.

Bio: Falazurax hatched along with his brothers and sisters on the plane of Carceri, in the mountains of Colothys to be exact. He and his siblings were abandoned as wyrmlings and without their mother to keep an eye on them they soon turned on each other, Falazurax was the only surivor of that cluctch as it was very much a case of kill or be killed. As a native of a prison plane he grew up as both prisoner and prison warden making a meal of any fiend or condemned soul that pissed him off. He spent most of his life in the tarterian depths and by chance stumbled through a portal that landed him in sigil. He was still only a wyrmling at the time, dazed and confused he was captured by a fiend and kept as an exotic pet. Time passed and he grew, his keeper beat him every time he displeased him eventually Falazurax turned on his keeper and ate him, though this was after a period of several days. Falazurax has spent those days torturing his former captor giving him a slow and agaonising death. Strongly meaning that tortured meat tasted better. By this point in his life had learned to take on a human form and in this guise he took to the streets of Sigil shortly after devouring the fiend that had housed him. He retained his human form for a while, living as a street urchin, killing off and eating weaker street urchins to survive. It wasn't long before Falazurax was captured again, and this time kept as a pleasure slave to a wealthy drow, he hated it, he was forced into his humanoid form on numerous occasions only to be drugged and raped by his drow keeper and her companions. He developed a strong hate for women at this point, and also strengthened his sadomasichistic streak. It was this drow that was also resonsible for his drug addicion, he is addicted to the drug know as Agony or Liquid Pain. This drow female soon met a similar end to the fiend that had kept him previously, though this time he went as far as to rape the woman in his dragonic form, breaking her utterly in a sadistic form of revenge. Falazurax evetually escaped from Sigil and found himself on the prime material plane, he hired himself out as a mercenary, when relationships turned sour between himself and the warlord he was working for he killed and ate his employer and took over his lands. The young tarterian dragon now enjoys a life of luxury living off the dead warlord's horde and adding to it himself from time to time. In his spare time he captures young men and women to satisfy his sadomasicistic ways.

Abilities: Force Resistance (a natural resistance to force based spells and effects), Strength of Will (natural resistance to charm and compulsion effects) Freedom of Movement - Tarterian dragons can move and attack normally despite any magic that normally impedes movement such as paralysis effects, webs spells and slow spells. Damage Reduction 10/Magic, Frightful Presence, Breath Weapons: Line of disruptive force & Cone of Will Sapping Gas. Well versed in the skills of torture and alchemy.

Gear: Well when his true form he doesn't have any gear as such, but when in humanoid form he carries around a longsword with him and an amber pendant the pendant is imbued with magic to toughen up his humanoid skin, bringing it to a similar level of toughness as his natural scales. The longsword is imbued with magic as well and has a keen edge. The exact nature of the magic isn't certain but it seems to draw lifeforce from the victim into the weilder. Falazurax found it amongst his ill gotten horde and has never bothered to have it properly appraised.

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