The task of delivering newspapers is no longer appreciated or necessary

Living life under the impression
of expression expressed through photographs
counting days until the day you lose your youth.
So you're "just you" till then
taking in the scenery
I see this through me, my own eyes
not someone else's

lets not be programmed
lets want to live outside the boundaries
others put us in, or have we put them up ourselves?

I sing a life of solitude
painting figures others never see
they exist for me not the solidarity
I have planted myself
in the position I am in
loosely based on the actions
of others who exist aside from me
or is that obvious?
maybe I'm oblivious.
or maybe I'm just scared to be responsible for myself.

I don't wanna be programmed
I don't want to live inside the boundaries
Others put me in, or was I to put them up around me?