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Enter the Darkness...and you shall find the truth...
Shosha Nichiyo

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Age: 38

Date of Birth: June 12

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Guild Master of Lamia Scale

Rank: S Rank


нeιgнт: Obvious xxxxxxweιgнт: 6'5

нaιr color: Obvious xxxxxxEye color: Silver


Accessories: Steel plated armor, an eyepatch covering his right eye, and a black coat.

Special Characteristics: Shosha has terrible scars across his chest, neck, and the whole right side of his face, which he keeps covered. He replaced his right eye with a powerful magic artifact called Amaterasu's Eye, which he keeps sealed under his eyepatch unless he needs to use it. Shosha received his scars in his battle with the legendary dragon Acnologia

Magic & Techniques:

Luminous Wrath Magic: A powerful form of Elemental Light Magic relatively similar to that used by Fairy Tail's Third Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar. When using this magic, Shosha exudes a constant surge of destructive light energy which surrounds him and shakes the surrounding environment, destroying everything in his path. His uncovered eye glows brightly with intense light whenever Shosha becomes angered, and he is capable of summoning various forms of light magic to attack in a number of different ways. His magic manifests in different forms, some he draws light seals in the air, and others the seals just appear as he summons his techniques. Shosha is also able to create any manner of solid weapons out of pure energy such as swords, hammers, scythes, bows, etc...


Light of Creation: Possesses similar qualities to creation-type magic such as Grey Fullbuster's Ice-Make Magic. Through this magic power, Shosha is able to create weapons and objects from pure light energy. His weapons can take one any form, just like Grey's magic.

Rain of Light: Shosha creates his Magic Seal in front of himself, from which multiples light blasts are generated and sent flying at his opponents.

Light Shield: Shosha creates several Magic Seals in the air, which act like shields to protect him and his allies from an enemy attack.

Scales of Judgement: A Forbidden Magic developed by Shosha himself which is similar in essence to Fairy Tail's Fairy Law spell. It is a judgment spell designed to complete annihilate any and all opponents that the user deems to be an enemy. The spell itself has the ability to see what is truly within the victim's or victims' heart(s) and determine whether or not judgment will be carried out. Shosha summons the spell by drawing out a set of scales, such as balance scales, with beams of light in the air in front of him. The scale then becomes solid as the spell measures the amount of evil or guilt in the heart of the target(s). If targeting multiple opponents, similar scales appear in front of them all and measure their guilt. If the spell deems the targeted person guilty, they are engulfed in a violent explosion of energy that sends them to the brink of death, but does not kill them. Despite the more serpentine origins of the Lamia Scale Guild, this spell has grown to become synonymous with Fairy Law, and other similar Judgment level spells.

Special Talents:

Shosha is known for his incredible ability to ingest ungodly amounts of alcohol and never show any sign of being affected by it. No one knows the true source of his incredible tolerance to liquor, but it is his claim to fame in the many towns he likes to travel to. Shosha is also known for having inhuman strength comparable to that of Fairy Tail's Gildarts.

Weapons & Tools:

Tsyukomi's Serpent Staff: A powerful magic staff which harnesses magical energy drawn from the light of the moon. When used the magic manifests in the form of a giant serpent of light, but this power can only be used extensively at night. During the day a full powered blast can only be used once a day.

Amaterasu's Eye: A magical artifact which is actually a unusually strong lacrima infused with powerful magic allowing the user to access a number of different abilities such as faster than light travel, destructively powerful fire-based magic, and the ability to see glimpses of the future, which can be very handy in the midst of combat.

Biography: Shosha was a boy literally born to become a great and powerful wizard. From a very early age Shosha presented an incredible potential in the command of magic, particularly in light-based elemental magic. Through numerous interactions with the old masters of the 10 Wizard Saints over his travels, as well as extensive research on former masters of such magic such as Makarov Dreyar of Fairy Tail, Shosha learned many secrets about the use of light magic in his extensive studies, which helped him develop his powers to a very formidable level by the tender age of 14. Over the years, Shosha increased his physical strength as well, journeying all across the land in search of new ways to challenge himself, until eventually he chose to join the Guild Lamia Scale. Shosha continue to develop his abilities, and after many years, he eventually became Lamia Scale's Guild Master, and one of the most powerful Guild Masters the guild itself had ever known. Shosha's immense power and unusual techniques gradually earned him the nickname "Lux Deus" or "Light God" among his peers and his subordinates.

Personality: Shosha is an easy-going and laid-back person. He's also warm-hearted and kind, and has great interest and faith in the new generation of Lamia Scale's Mages. He is well respected by the whole town and guild, but also appears to be a bit absent-minded and oblivious, and doesn't pay attention to what he's doing half the time.

Likes: Drinking, playing cards, taking naps, and training with the "youngins' of the guild" as he calls them.

Dislikes: People who threaten his guild, obnoxious show tunes, and fish.

Fears: Tacos, something about the meat just doesn't sit well with him, classical music, and small furry things because he feels that they are always plotting something behind their cute visaed.

Hobbies: Shosha loves making his own hooch, brewing good and strong alcohol is his passion aside from protecting his guild. Shosha's life goal is to one day create a liquor so strong that it can actually get him completely hammered. Also among his unusual hobbies, Shosha likes to collect random nick-knacks that he finds interesting such as napkins with grease stains shaped like animals, weird looking bottles, and sticks made out of random materials.

Played By: xXRakaTheBeastXx

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