Username: LIghtsOfDecember
Name: Sabrielian Liraela Megalith - Sabriel for short
Gender: Female
[b[Age: 1075 years old but appears 21
Race: Moon Fairy
Appearance" She stands at the same height as an eight year old, but has the figure of an hourglass shaped 21 year old. She has raven colored hair and alabaster skin. Her eyes are an almond shape and the shade of deep sapphire. On the back of her neck she has a tattoo of an ornately shaped dagger.
Weapons: 2 x Silver fans with razor sharp edges (think like the Courtesan's in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) that are engraved with snowflakes named Avalanche and Blizzard. A staff with interchangeable pole-arm heads such as a scythe blade named Tempest, a katana with snowflakes shaped into the tsuba called Frostbite that has a eery blue sheen to the steel and finally 2 x daggers with a ruby at the top of the hilt called Faith and Honor.
Occupation: Healer for the most part, though she's the
Bio: Sabriel was kidnapped barely six months after her birth by rebels trying to bring the downfall of her family's rule over their race. The kidnappers ended up transporting the baby Sabriel to another world, but lost her in the process somehow resulting in her being found by a hedge witch in the middle of no where. Over the years she grew like any ordinary human child and at the age of eight her carer sold her to a coven of vampires in exchange for her own life. From there she was raised by one of the older coven members who recognized Sabriel for what she was but not who she was. She lived happily with the vampires, becoming their librarian and historian even eventually meeting Omegana, the man who would become her adoptive brother and savior. When she was 13, vampire hunters appeared at the coven and burnt the mansion to the ground, it was by sheer luck that her soon-to-be brother appeared and saved her, taking her back to his assassin's organization The Megalith. Her relationship with her fellow Megalith members was a bumpy one at first, where she tried to leave a number of times only to be dragged back by Drake (unknownblade) who was certain that Omegana's adoptive little sister would become a good thing for the organization. In this time she also discovered where she'd actually come from and her heritage resulting in her taking a number of trips to meet her family. Drake and Sabriel were drawn closer together unexpectedly when an assassination attempt was made on the poor fairy on her 15th birthday. After three years of being together, Sabriel discovered that she was pregnant with Drake's children and they married only for things to end badly after the pregnancy when the children became horribly ill six months later resulting in their death. Things were only compounded for her when Omegana was killed in action leaving his little sister the heir to his now Monarchy as his wife Maluna suddenly disappeared shortly after. Before she took to the throne Sabriel barely ever took to the field as her role within the organization was that of a healer, librarian, historian and advisor to her brother, now she put more trust in what she'd learnt from her Fairy family and what her Megalith friends had been trying to teach her all along meaning she started to venture out more often and finally learnt how to kill. These ventures were rare though as she preferred to hide behind her desk doing paperwork more often then not assigning others to their jobs. As she grew older her aging slowed down until she appeared 21, but it left her with an occasional need for blood when she tired herself out. Through one of her more exciting excursions on behalf of the Megalith she made friends with the likes of Alettea, Lucas, MG, Discord and Ki at the Arena of Fighters. Each of her friends in The Megalith all had their niche hideaways and the AoF quickly became Sabriel's where she installed herself as their healer with her own room and office from where she occasionally did some of her Megalith paperwork. Life between the Megalith, visiting her home world and The Arena of Fighters has varied very little for her over the years but she was happy with that as it kept her busy, however she was always looking for more excitement as she had a long life ahead of her and living it to the full was her goal.