'It wa only 11 pm and I am wiped' "Can't we go to bed now I can barely move my legs?" I complained. "sorry Yakito but we told you we go to sleep at 3 am." Roxas explained. "Plus we heard there were some girls who left their rooms heading to the north dorms where the Student Council room is. I can't wait to see what they look like!" Axel said with hearts in his eyes. 'Perv'.
It was now 1 am and I am wearing out. "Yakito it is only a few more hours till we're done." Roxas said trying to lift my spirits. "Hurr...ray". "Someone could have told me those girls were black belts in karate. "Even if I knew Axel I would't tell you, you got what you deserved. You scared the bujuebis out of them." Roxas said sounding like a smart-butt. "Try saying that to my face next time shorty!" steamed Axel. While they argued another arguement steamed over theirs.
"What is all that racket I can't hear myself yell!" yelled Axel. We followed the sound of the noise and found Mizuzu arguing with the silver headed boy from before. "You always ditch can't you just be responsible for once!" he yelled. "You aren't my mother I can do whatever I want besides it was only 3 minutes" Mizuzu was getting hyped up. 'Was that a spark' "Hey hey, you two stop fighting. Man for aslong as you guys have known each other you still get into hissy fits like this?" Axel trying to nagotiate. "Zexion started it!" she accused. "you wish". "Cut it out, you two that is enough!" a new voice came. She jumped down from a building wearing a student councilman unicorm. She had long blonde hair, tall, had big *you know*, and purple eyes. "Jeez so annoying, some people sleep you know." she announced. "Nana not everyone sleeps 24/7. And stop calling me Zuzu!" Mizuzu hissed. "Eww such anger, calm down little Zuzu " Nana cooed while crushing Mizuzu in a bear hug swinging her around.
'Jeez why was I sent here again'
"Oh you haven't introduced me to him yet" Nana said looking at me. "My name is Sunana Kumichi." she said seducingly. This made me blush. "How many times do I have to say this stop trying to seduce the students especially Yakito!" Mizuzu said. Nana started counting her fingers. "That was a retoritcal question you idiot!"
"This Has To End!" shouted Roxas and everyone went silent. "I have an idea we should go to town later today and show Yakito around before school starts." Mizuzu stated back into her childish personality. "yeah that's a good idea" said Roxas and Nana. "I'll be seeing you guys later, bye" with that Nana left. "Whatever" Zexion said " you have to be there too." Mizuzu told him. He walked away and Mizuzu chased after him. "We'll be there!" she shouted. "That leaves us" Roxas said smiling. "It is the first time i have seen you smile in a long time like that." Axel said surprised. "Yeah it has been a long time since we have been outside the school since Mi-chan was in the hospital. Hahaha." Roxas laughed. "We better get some sleep it is 4 in the morning and I have a scorching headache" Axel complained holding his head. We walked back to our dorm. Axel passed out on his bed and me and Roxas relaxed in the chairs. " How was your first day?" Roxas questioned " Okay I guess, but does it have to be so hectic?" I stated. "Better get used to it, that how we are 24/7 here." "Great." I sighed. 'I don't know if this a good thing or not but I will have to get used to it like this.' Then I got in some clothes on took a nap and awaited what this town has to offer me.