I was very small when i first felt this way. I was staring out a window wondering what it was as I got older I saw a blade and I took it into my hands. I'm not enough to be free but just as I reach for that freedom he pulls me back. I look in his eye and I fear them, I fear what he could do if I don't listen to him. Next time will he hit me I don't listen, will he yell, will he call me worthless....? I felt like this once from my mother's lover and all he did was yell and call me worthless. I only want freedom so why am I still a caged bird. I look at those eye once more and i see anger, hate, pain, control....then I see me as a reflection and then I see happiness because he can control me. If I could just say no I might be free but then again I know i won't. Why am I like this. Please someone save me!