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    Like Hello I'm Shannan! I'm just a complex chick who is full of random stuff like organs and a slight case of insomnia. I am 18 years old and I eat my ice cream cake on November 11th. I'm a Senior this year at a boring drab college prep school so I spend a lot of my time doing dorky stuff like homework, reading and after school stuff like sleeping and meaningless things like facebook, working out and playing with my animals I LOVE music it is a great escape. I love to go to concerts so if there is a good one tell me!. I enjoy reading, meeting new people, watching anime/dramas and drawing. A few of my favorite things include: sleep, energy drinks, anime/manga, eyeliner, guys in tight pants, the smell of gain laundry detergent, chick-fil-a, and chilling with friends. Errrmmm I'm a tall short person/wannabe fangbanger/otaku/dork/oddball/concert go-er/pale/skinny jean wearer/owner of ferrets/read a whole book at BAM/hot topic shopper/ person all thrown into one who is Shannan the extravagant(Me conceited? Are you crazy?)! <br />
    P.S.If you want to know something just ask<br />
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