• My broken heart, oh how it hurts so
    You broke it so suddenly; where’d the love go?
    We started out so good that I thought we’d last forever
    I really had high hopes, but in the end it was all just a useless endeavor
    Where did I go wrong; when did it turn so cold?
    Was it because of how I looked or because I was too old?
    I don’t know what to do with myself anymore and I’m very depressed
    Other people say that you weren’t worthy anyhow, but surely they jest

    My broken heart, it’s slowly healing
    That huge, empty abyss that you caused, it’s rapidly sealing
    The depression is no more and I’ve started to move on
    My love for you, it’s no more, it’s died, it’s done, it’s gone
    You had me wrapped around your pretty little finger, and I foolishly stayed there
    You never told me why you broke up with me, but truth be told, I no longer care

    My broken heart, it is no more
    It’s probably much healthier and wiser than before
    Ironically, I must thank you for making me think wise
    You caused me to think more deeply about whom I date and to steer clear of the personality types I despise
    So, thank you heart breaker for mistakenly setting me on the right track
    But don’t you think for even a second that because you helped me I will ever take you back