• scream

    Love is like a book the more you read the more you know. right. But sometimes your love is more like a battlefield meaning your just so into fighting that you don't want to lose them but in the end you end up dead.
    wahmbulance wahmbulance

    warning this may make you cry.

    wahmbulance wahmbulance

    love is only an emotion when you feel love you heart just booms out of you body love can change a women just please as you step from friends to friend friends to let you know someone once said
    " life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get - Forest Gump"
    Love but sometimes it's better to love then to have loved at all.

    one more thing if you love to much it could kill you not that you can't love if you love to much.

    It's true .

    It's Opal12345 and i'll be back