• 'As the day pass, I still continue my original routines; wake up, clean and get dress, go to work, come back from work unless running short errands, cook and eat, then fall asleep.
    That's how my life have been since graduation from high school. I thought after accomplishing my high school diploma, life would be different but it hasn't, till one fateful evening.'


    Edge lives alone in his home, with his family living in North America, while taking over his parents' flower shop. He is 19 years old, trying to get into college, and wonders when his family will ever come back.
    Once his work was over, Edge called to his employees that there work time was over and could go home. After the last person was out, Edge began to lock down his shop for the night, checking all the doors and windows, then went to the main door to lock and continue home. He began to turn the key to lock until he was suddenly pushed aside from his left side, making him shocked and also leaving the keychain hanging on the door knob.
    "Wh-what just happened", he says, rubbing his head he fells on. He then felt a slight weight on his chest, which made him look towards it to see a silky, smooth white hair was on him. "Um...are you okay?", he asked to see the hair shift up until he saw a young beautiful girl who looked to be around his age, her expression looked confused, then she asked, "Ow~ what happen to me?"
    "I think you just clashed me with yourself", he says while getting himself and the girl on their feet. "Oh...OH!", she cries out, then grabs Edge's right hand, making him a little red. "I'm so sorry!! When I saw the store's light turn off, I thought I was late so I ran but couldn't see since the wind blew my scarf against my face."
    Edge looked confused but smile and said, "Oh, it's fine. As long as you or I was not hurt, no apologize is necessary.", then he remembered his let go of his keychain, which he went by the door to get the keys. He then took the key out of the door knob, opened the door, and turned on the light. "I was just about to close but if you want to buy something, I don't mind being open for awhile longer", he says while smiling. "Ah! That's really grateful of you..ah..", the woman says while trailing on till Edge answered for her, "Edge, Edge Takahiro. Yours?" Then the woman blushes from the embarrassment then says to Edge, "Naoko Noboyuki. It's a pleasure to meet you Edge."
    "Naoko, what do you need from my shop anyways?", Edge asks of Naoko, who then replied, "Do you have Azaleas? I like to have a few please." Edge looks confused of why she wanted Azaleas during the winter but went to his green house in the next room to pick some Azaleas, came back to the register. He then wondered why she needs them and says, "Naoko, why do you need Azaleas? And during winter of all times?", then Naoko looks at him, smiles, and says in a sad tone, "My mother is sick and I make use of Azaleas as medicine for her. Not many flower shop have these during winter, but yours."
    Edge began to feel ashamed of asking her, "Oh! ..uh, sorry. I didn't mean to be disrespectful towards you." he said then Naoko smiles, and tells him, "It's okay. I'm so glad that I got here before you closed. My sister was right about this place and about you.", which made Edge relieved but baffled. "Well, since it's an emergency, I won't charge you anything for the flowers.", Edge said while he gave Naoko the flowers, "But you must hurry when you in the winter wind, the Azaleas might die quickly and render unusable." Once Edge said that, Naoko's eyes lit up, while she said, "Thank you very much! But are you sure? Won't that mess with your business?", which Edge chuckled a little, "It's not really that much and I can be replanted flowers again, besides," then gave her one of his card, "Call me if you still want to repay somehow, not that I'm saying to do but it's up to you."
    Naoko smiled and says, "Thank you Edge, I'll try to find an possible way to repay you back! I got to go before the flowers die. I'll call you when I find your payment!" which then Naoko disappeared from his view, making Edge shocked, "Wha-! Where she go?!" He looked around but found nothing then finally locked things up, and went on his way home.
    Once he got home, he fell on his bed, exhaling a deep breathe, "Aww man~ That was weird. Well, I hardly doubt she'll remember me anyways." as he said that, Edge's cell phone began to ring. "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." he says then answered his phone, "Hello, Takahiro's residence." then he heard a familiar voice on the other line, "Um...is this where Edge Takahiro live or did I dial it wrong this time?" Edge panicked a bit, then answered back, "Naoko?! Is that you? Where are you?"
    "I'm home already and just want to know if you were still awake, guess I was right." Naoko said, and then she asks, "Are you free tomorrow?" Edge replied, "Yes, why do you ask?", then Naoko said aloud, "I can finally repay you back, can you come over to the Noboyuki Shrine at 1pm tomorrow?" Surprised and baffled, Edge says, "Yes, I can. But Naoko, I-" Naoko interrupts, "Okay, see you tomorrow Edge! And thank again for the Azaleas, my mother is fine because of that. Bye!", then she hangs up, "Hello? Naoko? Naoko?!" as Edge says but with no answer, then he falls back on his bed.
    He exhales a deep breathe again, speaking aloud, "Noboyuki Shrine, huh? I wonder if that's thee Noboyuki Shrine?", then looks at his cell phone, "I wonder who Naoko really is and this sister she said that knew me. Well, time to see tomorrow I guess." he said then falls asleep.