• Yuki rose from his pillow, an anoying beeping filled the room. He yawned and his hand lazily slipped over the small clock, his pale fingers searching for the 'off' button. the beeping was silenced and Yuki sighed. the sunlight shined through his large window, the light burned his eyes. His navy blue cat ears twitched annoyed as he quickly closed the black curtains and threw the room back into darkness. The many gir plushies, zombie cats, and emo couples seemed to stare back at him as he looked around the room. He slowly walked across the wooden floors to his wardrobe and picked out his outfit for the day.

    Yuki walked into the crowded gym room, his face covered by his pale blue bangs. his tail swayed back and forth, his ears hung low, showing his modest, low self esteem. "Hey Emo kid! you poser! Go cry in the corner!" Yuki bit his lip and ignored the kids' words as they criticized him. he walked across the gym, until he reached the bleachers and climbed the steps to the very top corner. And so he waited, he waited for his friends, his girlfriend, and most of all, he waited for Kyo. His ears perked up as he saw Kyo walk towards him with Aiya, Aya and Vincent. Kyo sat next to him and smiled. Yuk looked away and blushed. if Aya saw him turn red around anyone -especially a boy- he was as good as dead. "Good morning." Kyo said, in his beautiful voice that was velvety and like chocolate. Yuki nodded. "Good morning, Kyo." he tried to smile without blushing. Aya turned her head. "Yuki, we need to talk." she said coldly. Yuki looked over at his girlfriend and froze. This could either be bad, or really bad, no good side. Aya was glaring up at him with that glare that made her red eyes look like blood-stained daggers, that glare that could send a shiver down a murder's back. "U-Uh okay." Yuki nodded and tried to sound calm. Aiya and Vincent whispered to each other and laughed softly, Kyo just shrugged and waited for Yuki and Aya to leave. Yuki sighed heavily and followed Aya off the bleachers and into the hallway across the gym, outside the double doors. When they were alone, Aya sighed and bit her lip, before regaining her composure, along with it, regaining that deathly glare. "Yuki....don't lie, do you like someone else?" she asked, her voice was more tense and almost scared, not it's usual fierce and intimidating tone. stared at the white tile squares that made up the hallway floor. What if he told her about Kyo? what would she do if he liked another guy? Hell, he was scared about what she might do if he liked another girl. he slowly nodded and managed to look up, and was suprised. Aya's expression was almost relieved for just a second. "Really?" she paused for a moment, thinking. "Is it Aiya?" she asked. Yuki was relieved that she had come to the conclusion that he liked kind and gentle Aiya, but he couldn't lie. He shook his head, even more suprised when Aya just simply shrugged. "Well....me too, maybe we should end it." she said it casually, and almost eagerly, she wanted him to break up with her. he was suddenly angry. Had she been using him? what was he to her, suddenly he didn't care. He didn't care what she thought or felt. Yuki looked up and made eye-contact. "Okay, it's over." he almost sneered as he turned on his heel and walked through the door and speed walked to the bleachers. Aya didn't follow, she kept her composure and walked in the opposite direction to the bleachers on the side and sat with Akira, Leon, Valentine and Kale. Kyo raised an eyebrow when Yuki came back, his face hot -and probably red- he sat next to Kyo and sighed. "What's wrong?" Kyo asked in that wonderful voice. Yuki bit his tongue and tried not to look at him. Kyo liked Aiya, Aiya was in love with Vincent, and Vincent liked Akira. Kyo couldn't help that everything he said made Yuki blush. He was just trying to be a good friend. "Uh- she broke up with me...." Yuki shrugged. He didn't care about the cruel uncaring Aya, and liking Kyo was going to drag him into a horrible plot he didn't even know existed.