• Chapter 1

    "Sana,come on!", Sasuke yelled.
    "Coming!", I yelled back.
    I got up off the ground and ran towards Sasuke.I laughed. He did too and he started to run towards the village,I chased after him.
    When we got to the village entrance he stoped.I caught up to him stareing at him.
    "Sasuke?" I asked "hello? are you okay?"
    He just kept stareing straight ahead.So I turned my head and saw dead bodies lying everywhere.I felt tears run down my face and looked at Itachi twenty feet away from us.He had blood all over him.He just looked at us and started walking towards us stepping on bodies.He got five feet away from us.
    I know Sasuke was as scared as I was.We just stared frightened at him. Was this it?was i going too die now!? I prayed that he would spare Sasuke.Itachi took out his kunai and......

    My eyes opened and I sat up in a cold sweat.I heard a screaming noise and I realised that was me.I covered my mouth before anyone could here me.I layed back down I closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

    I woke up a few hours later,I was glad that I could at least see the sun instead of the moon.I got up and walked over to my window and opened it.It was a beautiful sunny day I loved days like this
    it just made almost everyone a little happier.I heard my screen door open.
    "come on Sana lets go!" said Sasuke
    I sighed, like I said almost everyone.
    "yeah yeah I'm going, just get out so I can get dressed!" I said
    "twenty minutes!" he said at he closed the screen
    I went to my dresser and got out my outfit for the day and got dressed.I grabed my backpack and walked out of my room.
    "Come on,Hurry up!" Sasuke said
    "Shut your pie hole I'll get there on my own time!" I told him
    "Fine" he said as he walked faster
    I sighed and walked my own pase.Sakura caught up with me and we talked on the way to the Academy ,which made Sasuke walk faster.Sasuke,Sakura and I finally got to the Ninja Academy (aka My own personal hell).Naruto met us at the front of the academy where he babbled on about some mindless crap.We met Kakashi sensei behind the school to train.I complained as I do everyday.But what he said suprised me.
    "ok we're going to take a break to day" he said
    Sakura's jaw,Naruto's jaw and my jaw droped is surprise.
    "hey Naruto! i got something for u" I said
    Naruto turned to me and I took off my backpack and took some ramen out of it.
    "here the chef made that expecially for u" I said as I gave it to him
    "thanks Sana"he said
    "no problem"i told him
    Everyone split up and by themselves well except for Sasuke and Sakura.Kakashi was reading,like always,Naruto was enjoying his ramen,and Sasuke was acting like he was listening
    to Sakura.I drew in my spiral that a brought with me everywhere.I started drawing a bird then I stop because some one caught my eye.I looked in the direction of the mysterious person and it was a boy,about my age or older,brown hair cut to his shoulders,and gold eyes.I've never seen him around the village before.He so handsome and every girl thought so too.There was girls serounding him.
    "Sakura come here..."i said
    Sakura walked over to me and sat down beside me
    "who's that" I said as i pointed at the boy
    "oh that Hai Chita"she said
    "why haven't I seen him before?"
    "because he isn't from this village"
    "what village is he from?"
    "the Hidden Waterfall Village"
    I sighed and went back to my drawing
    "he stareing at u"
    I looked up and he was my face started to get really hot.Sakura got up and walked back to Sasuke.Oh how I wish she hadn't of done that because he started walking towards me.
    I watched as he approched and he stoped a foot or two away from me/
    "May I sit beside u?"he asked
    I was afraid to speak so i just nodded.He sat down beside me.I was so embrassed because I
    knew my face was probley bright red by now.So I tried to hide my face with my hair it didn't help.
    He saw my face and laughed a little.
    "Well this is the first your the only girl that hasn't spoke to me,yet."He said
    "r-r-really?"I asked " I didn't know that"
    "yup" he said "well my name is Hai" he stuck his hand out
    I looked up from where I tried to hide my face and shuck his hand.
    "Sana" I said "so ur from the Waterfall Village?" I let go of his hand
    "yea,how did u know?" he asked
    I tapped my forehead
    "oh hehe I forgot that was still there"he said
    I laughed
    he joined in
    Hours went by.Me and him talked until Sasuke told me to come on.
    "So I'll see you tommarrow right?" I asked
    "yes you will" he said
    "ok then bye"
    Sasuke walked ahead of me and I waved at Hai and he waved back.
    I ran after Sasuke and caught up with him.He didn't talk to me on the way home
    I didn't talk either.I just had to much on my mind-mostly all about Hai-.
    Sasuke and I got home and I skipped dinner and went to bed
    I dreamed all about him.