• The five of us looked at Connor. He had the medallion in one hand, some black object in his other hand, and a wire trailing from the black thing to his ear.
    “I think I may have missed something. I just barely got it working.” He said.
    “What are you talking about?” Jenn asked him.
    “He can hear us,” Charlie told her, “All of us.”
    “Well, I just configured my translator to… never mind, it’s very technical.” He handed the medallion back to Jenn. He also handed her something else, it was too small for me to be able to see what it looked like from where I was. “Put it in your ear,” He told her.
    “What’s it do?” she asked as she put it in.
    “It’s a translator. It’ll help you understand Charly and the other one.”
    “The name is Flare.” Flare said matter-of-factly. “It would do you well to remember that.”
    “And I shall.”
    “Now, what we miss?” Jenn asked.
    “Apparently these two are brother and sister.” Charlie told her.
    “What? You two are… Blaze, she’s your sister?”
    “No she isn’t” Blaze shot at her.
    “Of course I am.” Flare shot back.
    “Okay, this is getting confusing.” Jenn complained
    “Nothing confusing about it. She’s delusional.” Blaze answered
    “No I’m not! You just don’t want to admit it.”
    “We have to get going.” Connor said.
    “Where you going?” Jenn asked
    “To save his family and stop my brother from taking control of the world.” Connor answered enthusiastically, “sound fun, don’t it?”
    “Guess we’re going with.”
    “Now why would you want to do that?”
    “We need something to do.”
    “I guess that’s reason enough.”
    “As mother says,” I stated “The more the merrier.”
    “She’ll keep saying it if we get there fast enough.” Connor replied
    “And where exactly is there?”
    “Truthfully, I have no clue.”
    “Then let’s find out.”
    “Wait, how long have you been here?”
    “About a week now.”
    “Did you see a truck drive through town?”
    “Actually, we did.”
    “Which way did it go?”
    “That way.” She pointed to the north. “Why?”
    “Because we are going to follow that truck.”
    “Okay. I need a lift,” and she was on Blazes back in a blink.
    “You always carry her.” Charlie said.
    “That’s because she lets me.” Blaze retorted.
    “Not now you two,” Jenn told them, “Or Charly can carry me.” With that the three of them ran off.
    “What about me?” Connor asked.
    “Come here” I said and picked him up. He screamed in surprise as I threw him over my shoulder and followed after the others.