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  • Artist Info: What!? They give you an entire box? How in the world am I gonna fill an entire box? Wait! You mean Im pretending to be talking to someone like this is on film when Im really just typing to take up space? No way!!<br />
    <br />
    Okay to the part that this is actually for.<br />
    I bes ***<br />
    fill in the blank as appropriate.<br />
    I enjoy physic and sciences as well as literature <br />
    and all things art!!!!<br />
    My goal is to have some knowledge in everything especially in the use of different mediums in art.<br />
    <br />
    I has other sites in which I also employ my time including, but not excluded to,<br />
    Deviant art: wolfunite.deviantart.com(look at my arts!!!)<br />
    Tinierme: Wolfunite on there as well (its likw gaia two point 0 ^w^<br />
    sKETCHFU: wolfunite on there (got the trend yet?)<br />
    Youtube: RamblingandRanting(dang i broke it)<br />
    and facebook: *** ******* (are you insane man! of course Im not giving you my facebook 0w0)<br />
    <br />
    I enjoy juxtaposing intelligent diction and syntax with lulz cats speech:<br />
    I has a description! Thank you fors reading its. Me hope you like and stay a while.<br />
    Your company and delightful conversation is most welcome to me.<br />
    Cause really, they both make as bout as much sense to use
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