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    Aiight, teh name iiss.. <br />
    well I got lotsa names but I guess I go by Jackie;] now.<br />
    Made this world a bettah place on August 22nd membah dat!<br />
    it's gonna be a national Holiday! xP<br />
    I'm a SOPHOMORE! whoo! and loving it!<br />
    I am yellow and I eat rice!<br />
    lol. actually~ Im Viet, buut apparently don't look it.<br />
    I get told almost everyday that I look Mexican. xDD<br />
    And I gots people coming up to me talking to me in Spanish!! -__-"<br />
    I think it's pretty funney~<br />
    uhm... according to my "FRIENDS" (lol) I seem'd shy and quiet but after they get to know me I'm CRAZY, SUPER LOUD, and WEIRD.<br />
    OH! and Ise TAKEN by this guy &lt;-- Clicky to go to his profile;]<br />
    He is my supah shmexaay STALKER... NERD. xD<br />
    I love him lots! buut, ahha, it's... uhh.. I just can't put it into words..<br />
    Random friends request scare the fug outta me. D&lt;<br />
    But i love comments. :]<br />
    * Gonna fix this later , ise fudging lazy *
    <br />
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