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  • Artist Info: Hey i'm Shaye i love my friends, i'm 14 and can't wait for 15 guess why cuz then i can drive! I'll b starting St.Vincents an all girl catholic school Great?!? wonder how thats gonna go , the years after i'll b trying to get into savannah arts academy. idk how good i am but i love sing, photography, sculpting, painting, drawings ok, sewing =o). I like meeting new people so if ur ever bored and just need someone to talk to i'm here for ya.<br />
    <br />
    Hobbie: Biking/Swimming<br />
    Most loved animal: Owls<br />
    Favorite show: Comedys<br />
    Friends: Alot Courtney,Rebecca,Lexi,Maia and Many More! <br />
    Hair Color: Medium Brown-Soon To Be Deep Redish Brown <br />
    Mood: Happy <br />
    Most hated chore: Making The Bed<br />
    Favorite Snack: Candy Bar <br />
    Favorite party theme: Random <br />
    Color of eyes: Changes mostly Aqua! but sometimes Gray o.O<br />
    Height: 5"3 WHOO WHO! Finally Taller Than Most Of The Girls In The 8th Grad<br />
    Personalty: Cutie<br />
    Last Name: Garrigan
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