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  • Artist Info: My name is kristen. I love wolves, writing, reading, drawing, play video gms, watch movies, anime. Your avreage teenage girl. Or am I? I will b_tch BK if you b_tch at me. Fair enough? Good ;D Also. If You Mess With My BF Kaira Your Ass Is Toast. No butter added.<br />
    Also I LOVE 'BIG WINDUP!' (An Anime ;P) I Adore Mihashi And Abe <<<333<br />
    LOVES!<br />
    BTW I Want This!! owo<br />
    [User Image<br />
    By me. Not about me. I told you i love to write xD<br />
    <br />
    'The night became pitch black. I could see nothing. The horror of the darkness surrounded me; taking my breath away. Lisening and praying that the man would not look into the cabinet. I crouched down silently. My legs became stiff and the pain became overwhelming. A sharp glass piece dug into my skin- ruining my favorite shirt. The sound of heavy boots came closer to where I hid. I listened closely it was hard to tell exactly where he was, over the pitter pat of the rain and the roar of the thunder. The footsteps stopped. The door creaked open. And the face on the man reveled himself. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had long black hair, and a small goatee to match. The man’s amber eyes pierced through me like lightning. They burned and seem to look into the depths of my heart. His strong jaw line and his masculine body was breath taking. I let out a short sigh. It wasn’t the man that was chasing me. But I didn’t let my guard down. I was not out of this yet.'
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