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  • Artist Info: Yo what's up peeps!?! >:{3 Yeah that's right fo~ <br />
    <br />
    This box right here is for me to write about myself like some self centered stuck up jerk, so that's what I'm going to do!!<br />
    <br />
    I like drawing! I have never had Rissoto and all I know about it is that it's some kind of rice or something! I'm really interested in trading pokemon so send me a message if you want to trade. Though I'll only take stuff I don't have! I'm willing to battle on pokemon as well! And before you ask I don't have pokemon Black or White, and probably won't for a LOOOOOOONG time! Because I'm cheap! <br />
    <br />
    No my life isn't just drawing and playing video games like a geek, I'm also a very pure bread band geek! (Not that there are any pure bread band geeks, it just sounds cool at the moment ) I play the Euphonium and Baritone! Don't know what those are? Well then you're not band geeky enough!<br />
    <br />
    I like certain songs from ALL genres! Every genre has a good song in it! So they're all good!<br />
    The ones I listen to the most though are as follows<br />
    Mellow Rock<br />
    Alternative<br />
    Ska<br />
    Jazz<br />
    and Broad way songs! Like from Chicago or Les Miserable! <br />
    <br />
    So that's me in a nut shell! Don't expect me to be this happy all the time by the way!
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