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  • Artist Info: Hello! whee You can call me Chi-Chan! I'm a GIRL but my avatar is a BOY! My Blood Type is A and I'm a Capricorn.. blaugh I heart anime/manga! I love basically anything as long as it doesn't contain elements of, Skimpy Clothes, Harem, Gore, and Ugly Art! I'm a Mangaka...well one that isn't well known...You can find me on DeviantART! So if you ever want to request anything...FEEL FREE! My name on there is "Byakugan-Eye" I'm currently writing a Manga called "Kurayami Tori" which is about a Japanese Rock band who is trying to make it BIG!!! I have two parakeets who are so cute!!! whee I have my Left Eyebrow Pierced and I'm planning on getting a spider-bite piercing on my Right-Side Lip...I am deeply influenced by Japanese Rock/Metal! I'm an advancing Guitarist...One day I will be on the Stage with Guitar in Hand! 4laugh <br />
    <br />
    I am currently obsessed with Hetalia!!! heart My OTP is SuFin! whee <br />
    <br />
    Some Bands That Influence Me:<br />
    the GazettE<br />
    DIR EN GREY<br />
    DEATHGAZE<br />
    -OZ-<br />
    AYABIE<br />
    BLOOD<br />
    D<br />
    Lolita23q<br />
    lynch.<br />
    Phantasmagoria<br />
    SuG<br />
    Moi Dix Mois<br />
    Versailles<br />
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