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  • Artist Info: I love to read, write, draw and paint! lol. I like random stuff, strange stuff and rare stuff. I really love free stuff though. lol. i love watching cartoons, especially Anime. I love reading fiction or science fiction. lol. mostly manga though. lol. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND GIRUVEGAN! lol. I love dragons and vampires and warewolves, lol angels are my favorite, i love anything with wings, i have a wing fetish, lol ^_^ lol. <br />
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    i also love evil things. lol<br />
    i have a big feather collection and have over 30 pet birds, 5 of wich i have hand raised. lol. then i have a rock iguana and a three leged green iguana, two dogs, a cat, a white's tree frog, african dwarf frof, 2 male and 2 female bettas, an otocinclus, a goldfihsh, 3 tadpoles.... then about 13 koi, and about 20 other kind of fish in my pond, not incudidng the 8 foot long catfish, (they make awesomw soup. lol) i used to have a golden pheasant mixed with a lady amherst(or something like that) but he got sick and we took him to the taxidermist. lol. my other birds are 4 mourning doves(hand raised) 11 parakeets, 5 canaries(different species, red bronze fancy and yellow, plus red and bronze mix lol) 4 society finches(1 hand raised), 3 european gold finches, 1 mini quail, i think thats it. lol. i love animals.<br />
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