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    User ImageHey,(your name)User Image<br />
    My name is Shannon or Shanny<br />
    I've been playing Gaia since 04'<br />
    (I have had several accounts since then)<br />
    But now i have managed<br />
    To make it this far &lt;3<br />
    I've got people IRL to play this game<br />
    Heres a few:<br />
    iMathias(my brother)<br />
    iCheckerz(My sister)<br />
    and Tomkittie(My brothers girlfriend)<br />
    These people are awesome&lt;3<br />
    Well about me::]<br />
    I blow out teh candles: Dec.6th<br />
    Not telling how old i am :]
    <br />
    I act immature sometimes..doesn't everyone?<br />
    My child life is behind me<br />
    i have to start worrying about;<br />
    School and keeping friends<br />
    easy enough for ya'?<br />
    I have best friends and enemies<br />
    I love to draw(Search me up in the arenas and vote for my art)<br />
    I can draw you art if you'd like<br />
    I Do somewhat good on avatars<br />
    :]I have a fee of 50-150gold fer it<br />
    I may Start to work soon as a bagger&lt;3
    <br />
    Since you already know my likes, i'll give you my hates :]<br />
    My Hates &gt;:]<br />
    Noobs wanting to cyber<br />
    I hate myself for asking for money D;<br />
    Reading<br />
    School(sometimes)<br />
    People who act like they are ur friends but they are'nt<br />
    (I don't deserve to be hurt anymore)<br />
    Writing like 7 paragraphs<br />
    People who absolutely hate me fer no reason D;<br />
    Animal Abuse<br />
    People who act like they are all that<br />
    and make others feel bad to make them feel better D:&lt;<br />
    Thats my hates :]<br />
    Well yahh
    <br />
    Donators:<br />
    Ms.Kittyx-41k and up<br />
    iCheckerz-2k<br />
    iMathias-8-10k<br />
    I have bought for my dream avi(Strike through=already bought)<br />
    Angelbow<br />
    Cloud<br />
    Faustos Bottle any gen.<br />
    Enchanted Book<br />
    Winter Rose<br />
    Prism Mantilla<br />
    Aquatica<br />
    Any Picolitrosso's Urn<br />
    Western Zodiac<br />
    Padmavati's Lotus<br />
    Elegant Veil <br />
    Alruna's Rose 9th Gen.<br />
    User ImageWell have a good day and enjoy the page! :3User Image
    <br />
    My Dream Avatars:<br />
    User Image<br />
    Total Value: 182,390 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    White Leather Belt<br />
    Lex's White Shorts<br />
    Winter Rose<br />
    Satin Hairbow<br />
    Enchanted Book 6th Gen.<br />
    Cloud<br />
    Clean White Tavern Wench's Blouse<br />
    Angelbow<br />
    <br />
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