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    Hey This is x2xAwsome_Gurl_Amux2x talking bout china_azngrl!!!<br />
    -You can call her Jenni<br />
    -She loves Naruto &lt;3<br />
    -She plays a Lil' bit of piano<br />
    -Has Lots of Friends<br />
    -Really Smart..No Not a Nerd<br />
    -She says she is not athletic but she can be really good at punching a ball<br />
    -We made a game called Tetherball Baby, Real F-U-N<br />
    -She can be really mean LOLZ Just Kidding!!!<br />
    -OMG, look pony!! Lolz made ja look!!<br />
    -Okay i'll admit im Crazy but this is bout Jennifer<br />
    -She has a great family who loves her<br />
    -She always take care of her sisters and brother<br />
    -She took taekwondo &lt; I think Thats how you spell it hmm<br />
    -Well thats it Talk to you Later!!!<br />
    &lt;3 ILY
    <br />
    <br />
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