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  • Artist Info: ~*I like Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry and Vanilla mix together. Even color too!*~<br />
    ~*I hate arrogant and mean people, who is proud of themselves. And most of all the "Totally Whatever" People... Always feel good about themselves. Please...So FAKE*~<br />
    ~*I hate cockroaches... I don't really care if its walk in front of me. But I do when it walks on my personal stuff &lt;Sorry dear cockroaches. Didn't mean to kill you razz &gt;*~<br />
    ~*I like writing fanfic, my own fic, drawing, downloading, uploading, reading anything that have to do with manga! :3*~<br />
    <br />
    New nfo will be added lt8r. Not shortly okay? Longly. LOL :3
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