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    I'm Sophia Batziris and let me hit you with a little thing called Personality! There is more than meets the eye when it comes to this Transformer! I can be the most Loud, Impatient, Fussy, Annoying, Moody, Random and Immature person you will ever know! Beauty only gets you Attention, Personality gets you Hearts. I'd be Happy staying sixteen forever, but I'd much rather be a kid again, they have it so easy, always flashing there big cute eyes and getting whatever they want. Oh wait, I do that now. I'm going to be Famous someday only because you all said I can't! Yes I'm still a Virgin haha; I'm going to stay one 'till eighteen, because you all think I can't do it! I love Barbie movies, I could watch them all day, but I hate the doll, she's a dirty slut that needs to get a real life! Hehehe. I've learnt who I can and can't trust in life and I like where I am with that. Be warned, I hold grudges and once you lose my trust you've lost it forever. I do know who my friends are and yes I know everyone says this but when I say it I mean it. My friends are the best, they have always been there for me and can always tell when I'm in one of my many upset moods, mainly because I won't be happy and running around and hurting people XD. Oh and before I forget! I'm not always grumpy and pissed off Monday to Wednesday. But if I am, blame Psychology! If I wasn't a Cute violent little girl than I wouldn't be me! According to some people I'm beautiful but I personally don't see it. To me I'm just some normal girl trying to find out who she is, nothing Special or Beautiful or Gorgeous about me. Oh and before I forget, I love me Hello Kitty and I am the original Chesire Cat. Give me Potato and Gravy or chocolate and you'll get anywhere with me! Transformers give me a kick! Just something about giant robots fighting makes me all fuzzzy inside LOL
    <br />
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    Dream Avi's!!<br />
    these are my dream avi's !!!!<br />
    please donate and help my dream come true!!<br />
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    Avi 1.<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    Total Value: 1,077,865 Gold<br />
    [Item Information] <br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    Classilke 5th Gen.<br />
    Red And Black Striped Stockings<br />
    Talsi's Sash<br />
    Fall of the Morning Star<br />
    Fall of the Morning Star<br />
    Fall of the Morning Star<br />
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