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  • Artist Info: User ImageHelp this cat on his quest for World Domination!<br />
    "Umm...Hi my name is Katie Willinson and Katie Willinson is a young 14 year old... i like the song I wanna talk about me by Toby Keith the song Beer for my horses by the same guy Toby Keith The song Marys song (Oh my my my) By Taylor Swift and the song Best Day by the same person Taylor Swift too (!AwsomE!) I wanna talk about me is like a guy who is tired of listening to his friends stuff and wants to talk about him now lol, but Beer for my horses (its a weird name i know) is like a guy with his friends that are boys and he says ''whiskey for my men..! And beer for my horses! Marys song (Oh my my my) Is about these to children growing up and falling in love and Best Day is about another small girl and she grew up and came home crying So she got the best day with her mom. Im not into sports but the sport i like the most is kinda just swimming.. XD Im into country music (As you can tell) I like the Cullens cause theyre so awsome! But my sis thinks im lying lol But thats kind of just me! Bye!!!"
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