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  • Artist Info: Hello there everyone~! Sorry, I may seem/be dressed like a noob sometimes, but please don't be afraid of me ^ ^;; I'm a good person and most of the time I don't talk/post much anyway, haha.... I've played for a while, but I've never got what I want, so I do a whole lot of saving for this game ; ) I would spend my real money, but I hate how gaia online's avi characters look somewhat pixelized...... if you know what I mean XD lol. If anyone wants to play with me, or friend me on tinierme.com, that'd be GREAT too! My name is " larme " on tinierme. I play tinierme alot more than I do gaiaonline, because it's just kinda cuter..... Although I do admit that gaiaonline has some REAL nice premium stuffs~ <br />
    Maybe I'll get my dream gaiaonline avi eventually whee
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