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    My name is something, i like the name mimi im different, weird and i definately love being random, and i love my friends.<br />
    i can be pretty mean): but i dont try to be, then i can be really sweet. im really trying to be.. nice ;D<br />
    sometimes im a little spacey. if im not paying attention, and you call my name several times, i probably wont answer til you touch me.<br />
    lol, i like to talk , ovbiously. i try to be social with alot of people, but im shy..<br />
    especially with guys, but also with new people .<br />
    im straight. and i am currently in a rerlationship with MichealVincentVelez, and i love him to death<3<br />
    ,i also love CHRISTOFER DREW INGLE, & Andy sixx. <3<br />
    and asking alexandria. get to know me ! [=<br />
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    ronnie radke<3<br />
    User Image<br />
    Christofer drew<333<br />
    User Image<br />
    Andy Sixx(BVB) > biggrin
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