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  • Artist Info: My interests are obviously stated in the interests column. However, I did not get to say all of them thanks to the 4-40 letter limit. So, I would like to say here that the mangas that I like are Vampire Game, Full Metal Alchemist, Chobits, XXXHolic, Bleach, Read or Die, and some others at the moment. Video games really refers to the latest .hack series of video games. The background is of my favorite character in the video games. By the way, I no longer accept random friend requests from people who haven't even talked to me. And for people who have come to this profile and have NO idea who is in the background, that is Azure Kite, my favorite .hack//G.U. character.<br />
    Wow, this really kind of defeats the purpose of the About Me section. Oh well, life goes on.
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