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  • Artist Info: the name is emily, dont wear it out. my birthday is october 27, expecting presents. im 15now, a 9th grader. oh yeah. im single. also im complicated to figure out. change topics in mid-sentences. love my camera dearly. take random pictures. if i have my camera with me and i call out your name be ready for a picture. can't speak other languages good. only know a couple of words or phrases. my favorite sport to play is basketball, football, and rollerskating. im on a couple of travel basketball teams. i have a personal trainer for it, too. i also play volleyball, softball, horseback riding, cheerlead and dance. all the way cubs fan. they are the best. no matter what any of you say. when i feel like writing or drawing. they come out really good. like to play guitar hero and halo on xbox306. must say not the best at halo but once in a couple of times i will blow you out. favorite subject is english and math. only like school because of my best friends that are there. we are more then bffs we are sisters. we have alot of blonde moments, inside jokes, and memories. im kinda a tomboy, sporty girl. dont really care what people think about me but they know i can kick their butt in a fight. like i said i have a personal trainer. he sometimes teaches me boxing moves. beware. dont mess with me. anyways, well, thats pretty much it. wanna know more just ask.<br />
    XOXO, <br />
    heart Emilyy
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