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    Hey! My name is Bailey and since I'm no good at bios, I'm just gonna list random unimportant facts about me<br />
    -My favorite shows are The Walking Dead and Scrubs<br />
    -My favorite movies are Hello Herman and What We Do in The Shadows<br />
    -My favorite book is probably Door to December by Dean Koontz<br />
    -I love writing and cooking<br />
    -According to Ancestry DNA, I'm basically 50 different shades of white. German, French, English, Dutch, Italian, Irish.<br />
    -I was told my entire life I had a teeny bit of Native American (Cherokee) from my great-grandmother but according to Ancestry DNA, that isn't true. I'm super bummed.<br />
    -I live for Jack Daniel's and strawberry soda...but not at the same time 'cause... eek that doesn't end well<br />
    -I want to live in Seattle one day<br />
    -I intend to be a famous writer. Like, I'd love to be on that list of well known writers. Like Stephen King. Even if you've never read one of his books in your life, you know who he is. <br />
    -I'm aware I have a lot of shit on my profile. And do I care? Of course not LOL<br />
    <br />
    Let's be friends mrgreen sweatdrop
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