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  • Artist Info: Hey!I'm Hoshina_utau88.I luv anime & the animes i like are Bleach,Naruto/Shippuden,Shugo Chara,Vampire Knight,Death Note,Gakuen Alice,Ouran High School Host Club & Fruits Basket.My Hobbies are Using the Computer,Reading,Listening 2 music,Drawing,Playing Video Games & Shopping.My Fav. Music are Rolling Star By Yui,Velonica By Aqua Times,Sweet Sacriface By Evanscene,My Happy Ending By Avril Lavigne,Blue Bird(I Have No Idea Who Sang It,Sorry.),Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi By Uverworld,Hanabi By Ikimono Gakari,Uruwishiki Hito By Ikimono Gakari,Ryusei by Tia,Shojo S By Scandal,Black Diamond By Mizuki Nana,Meikyuu Butterfly By Mizuki Nana,Alones By Aqua Times,Hero's Come Back By NobodyKnows,Loosing Grip By Avril Lavigne,Mobile By Avril Lavigne,Where Is The Love By Black Eyed Peas and Bring Me To Life By Evanscene.(heh,i know so many,but mostly Japanese ones)<br />
    Then Well Just Comment On My Profile To Ask Questions and I'll Comment Back To Answer Them, Ok?<br />
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    Note: I Could Be Offline For A Few WEEKS So Please be Patient and check back often 4 ur answers.
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