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  • Artist Info: Name: Olivia<br />
    Sex: sure.<br />
    Age: So old I remember when there were still 9 planets.<br />
    Location: The sandwich islands.<br />
    Nicknames: Olive, mushroom, marshmellow, fishy, Crazy Person, random and Libby.<br />
    Why I am here: Make new friends, have fun, talk to people in the many forums here, and travel the roads as a small parrot with a mustache and sombrero selling taco sauce for 1 cents a jar. The usual. xd <br />
    Likes: sleeping bags, water, cardboard boxes, reactions, secrecy, randomness and being alone.<br />
    Dislikes: bugs, 'Normal', Strawberries, formalities, PTSD, infantilism, society and being alone.<br />
    Fav quote: "I don't know the words but I'm gonna sing along anyway."<br />
    Comment: Hey, Welcome to my profile! I can't believe you're even here. O_O<br />
    Thanks for reading all this!
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