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  • Artist Info: Hola! My name is Koby and I am the loner emo kid at my school. I sound American but really my accent is a mix of British, Southern and American. Abortion is wrong. "It's like magic. It makes babies disappear." Murder is a sin and abortion is basically murdering an unborn child. You Christians who think abortion is right sicken me. You can totally tell I'm not Atheist. Anyway, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, though I really wanna dye my hair black with red and blonde tips. So that's me. Enjoy it.<br />
    <br />
    l 10% energetic<br />
    ll 20% athletic<br />
    lll 30% sane<br />
    llll 40% nice<br />
    lllll 50% dead<br />
    llllll 60% smart<br />
    lllllll 70% poetic<br />
    llllllll 80% artistic<br />
    lllllllll 90% gamer<br />
    llllllllll 100% me
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