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  • Artist Info: Hi ovanch people in this world! My name is Aphordite but you can call me Aphie=)<br />
    i know alot of people start their thingies lke so um what can i say about myself? But seriously! what can i say about myself?! xD<br />
    Uhm im an awkward 19 year old whos in a relationship atm with an awesome guy named Cole... (first friend on buddylist) who is by far the most sweetest guy you can EVER meet. Hes my perfect little penguin<3333 hm...whatelse.............? oh i have this awesome twin named Jessenia but i call her nena. hahahahah shes my second buddy =) lemme tell you, she is the best! She has helped me out ALOT and without her i swear i would have been making some stupid choices and mistakes. Shes a bitch most of the times but so am i! =) Making us the best of friends. =) Her and i have SO much in common its sometimes even scary but thats why we call each other twins =) razz looove you twiinie! hm nothing more i can really say........i have a facebook and AIM but you have to be one of my ovanches in order to have em both. Note surprised vanch is a word that only me and my ovanches know about so dont ask about it xD hahah uhm....... thats it =) so add me if you want if not well listen hunny idc lol razz -Aphordite <33 Love my "little and fopeteye" =) <33333333333333333333333
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