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    <br />
    This is Sarah. <br />
    She Never Wears Pants. <br />
    She Gets Ridiculously Jealous REALLY Easy. <br />
    I'm a Terrible Girlfriend.<br />
    "NO IT'S NOT D;<<br />
    You're amazing D:<br />
    Very amazing.<br />
    YOu make me smile<br />
    You make me feel loved and special.<br />
    YOu make me a lot more than I'm not.<br />
    All in all you make me love you.<br />
    What any good girlfriend should do." what jake said to that(;<br />
    Thank you jake, Sarah believe you(; and Sarah loves you to too(;<br />
    <br />
    I'm a very insecure and vain person. I'm easily offended, and hold grudges like Harry Potter holds his shit in the books (You notice he NEVER Poops!!)<br />
    [Me]<br />
    I have a myspace and msn, ask for them, you get them.<br />
    PM Me ;]Comment
    <br />
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