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    Hey i'm Lauren, its nice to meet you. <br />
    To tell you a little bit about myself would be that i am crazy.<br />
    Well that or quiet, weird, stupid,ect.<br />
    Age:17<br />
    Likes:Vampires,books,anime,manga,dark stuff,ghost tours,singing mushrooms,and squirrels.<br />
    Dislikes:Herself,her drawings,singing for long periods,fake people, people who act one way then another, people who think there popular,and people who have lots of friends, but doesn't really like some of them. <br />
    Music razz ATD!,Forever the Sickest Kids,Blue October,Dashboard Confessional,Coldplay,MCR,and Cobra Starship-<br />
    love you,<br />
    ♥ Lauren ♥
    <br />
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