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  • Artist Info: HELLO!!<br />
    they say im kind and naughty!! :/ but i guess i accept it!!<br />
    they say i'm mean and rude!! sad (<br />
    but sometimes i say it's TRUE!<br />
    they say i'm a bitch!!<br />
    >: /<br />
    I'LL SHOW THEM ONE!<br />
    they say i'm beautiful!! biggrin <br />
    but i think they lie........<br />
    biggrin <br />
    but i'm ok!, i'm fine!!<br />
    no one can change me unless i tell myself too....<br />
    they say im hot!! smile )<br />
    i'm always flatterd with that complement!!<br />
    but i say "yesh of course i am!!"<br />
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