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  • Artist Info: I'm 25, an Aries and fire Tiger, and on the Myer's-Brigg's personality test, I'm an ENFP. The last one fits me pretty much perfectly, of course, but even the zodiac signs yield a pretty good picture of my personality. <br />
    <br />
    I'm originally from Eastern Washington, but have also lived as far south as Los Angeles. I graduated with my BA last June, and moved to the Seattle area in the fall. Right now I'm trying to make it as a writer - with one eye open for a "day job" to help pay the bills. In the mean time I'm playing "house wife" and letting my partner bring home the bacon for a change (those roles used to be reversed).<br />
    <br />
    Besides writing, I also like to draw or paint a little, and sometimes I'll find a moment to mess around on my guitar or do some reading. I'm addicted to music, and pretty much always have something playing. As such I have a pretty broad pallet: Classical, 60's Rock, J Pop/K Pop, rap, techno & dance, alternative rock, and well pretty much anything.
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