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  • Artist Info: I`m a crazy teen that is a great person! I haven't had a boyfriend ever sense.... maybe, a year. =| I like my best bud! (He already knows.) I have currently hurt my forehead. xp I don't know how, but it just hurt when I was eating this morning. Like I said before, I`m a crazy 13 year old girl who likes to have TONS of fun! <br />
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    Those people worry me so much! I`m not normal. I eat about every thing with a fork! Even my soup of my mum will let me. <br />
    I live in a pretty big family. 6 of us. What scares me? That's a lot! <br />
    Clowns, thunder storms, being alone, getting hurt, my daddy/mummy dieing, ME dieing, and spiders. That's why guys are in this world, to kill the scary spiders. =D You got to love the guys who kill the spiders for you. I`m a fan of walker Texas ranger. (Awesome TV show!) I also enjoy watching M*A*S*H with my daddy! Parties are great to go to! I live out on a little farm and its very fun to be a farmer. More? Jeez, I guess you really like me if you wanna know more! xd Jk! Lol. Okay, I have braces, glasses, short-ish blond hair with side bangs. I`m 5`1 and weigh some where about the 90`s. I love my friends, I treat them like my they are my family. People would label me as emo.... or goth. But that's their problem. =] If I`m ever in a fight (On the computer.) I`ll keep on smiling because guess what?! I don't really care if you are mad at me! Keep smiling and ya`ll cant see how I`m feeling. You cant get passed my huge smile! And your words wont get to me. So, don't mess with me, and you wont have to end up with a half of a heart. I ain't a freak, you are because your still reading this. <br />
    I have friends that will back me up with I`m in trouble.I`m daddies little girl. Don`t mess with me because your just messing with my daddy if you THINK your messing with me. My name is Ulishi and I`m aweosme! xd <br />
    Well, add me if you want.
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