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  • Artist Info: hi i really dont feel like telling u my name beause its not that common and u'll track me down then rape me then they'll make an episode of law and order based on me then i would have to tell the cops who it was that raped me and u would go to jail then when u get out u'll probably kill me or something and thats why im not saying my name. anyway i think that i can tell u where i live, i live northern liberties in philly!!!! i dyed my hair red but it came out pink, so i did it over again. so i dyed it blue then after 5 weeks it faded to a greenish turquoise which i love.none of my friends except 2 go on gaia. my best friend on gaia is named intentionally_untitled. she sometimes dresses al girly and sometimes dresses up goth. i like it better girly. her and her bro xX_NOT_LIKELY_TO_DIE_Xx intoduced me to gaia like 5 months ago.im kinda new to this profile crap and umm lets see.... gosh my lifes pretty boring. well i do have a stuffed moose named pooki and a stuffed gorilla named chestnut, and a stuffed sheep named button,a teddy bear named mooncrest(but he likes me to call him cocoa) umm i have a green monkey my ex gave mei didnt name it. and it has a missing eye and a hole in its stomach. what else do i have? ummmm.... lets see. i think thats it. oh well. o yeah!!! im __ years old and my bday is september 25. im gonna be__ in about a month. yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!! i love Family Guy and Degrassi, and all that stuff.so after 2 months of gaia i became obsesssed with it. let me think for one sec. oh yeah my best friend hates canadians i dont know why. but they sometimes have a funny accent. well right now im at Intentionally_untitled and xX_NOT_LIKELY_TO_DIE_xX's house on their computer. well my fingers are getting kinda tired so... bye<br />
    <br />
    hey it's like 4 days later and my fingers feel better yeah for me! so more stuff about me. well im addicted to s'more pop tarts. oh yeah an i luv chocolate milk. oh yeah And i absolutly luv George lopez the show and the comedian.i luv being loved and and i luv being hated. im kinda wierd. well right now my mom is asleep and my bro is down stairs watching tv. oh yeah by the way its 2:13 AM. and im on my new iMac!<br />
    so my friend eva (intentionally_untitled) has THE LONGEST "about me" column. and i want to beat her. this is what describes beebo145<br />
    <br />
    Bright<br />
    Emoral<br />
    Extream<br />
    Big and bad<br />
    Olympian god<br />
    1 tough cookie<br />
    4 less average brain<br />
    5 best friends<br />
    <br />
    yeah thats right. read it and weep. so what should i talk about? oh yes. when i grow up i want to be a videogame desiner. oh yeah and let me tell u some stuff about my Gaia. i pretty much only chat with friends and do puzzles. i get couple hundred gold a day.its a pretty good routine. its really fun to do. all i have to do is sit there and chat with my virtual buds and do puzzles at the same, great way to have fun and a great way to make money. buts it really fun if u have u computer in a nice and comfertable place u can call u own. wher its peace and quiet except the sound of the tv in the back ground.<br />
    a good way to get this started is to go to friend thats online and post a comment or send them a private message saying hi at first, and when the conversation starts flowing just keep it running. it makes u money and its fun. biggrin . but i think it gives u more money if u send a comment. oh yeah and something to spice it up, is to have a type of food that u REALLY luv and eat it while ur doing all of this. so my fingers r getting tired so i ll talk to u L8r. and plus its like 2:40am and im tired so im gonna go to bed<br />
    <br />
    hey its 12:28 AM and im still on the road to having one of the longest about me columns on Gaia. so today i learned that u can comment on ur own profile. how weird is that. so im doing my own routine but i dont have my fave food with me. i could go downstairs and get some. but i dont want to go down stairs biggrin so today eva and robert came over and went in my computer. then my mom was getting sick of me so we all went to their house. me and eva r writing a story about the super natural. its like these two kids who experience all of these wierd encounters like ghosts and pixies and nixies and fairies and all of that. once u think about it its kinda like a different version of the spider wick chronicles. oh wait my cat had kittens and one of them wants to say something i'll brb ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... <br />
    Kitty says: ugdhfjh hcy ccydufucyh hcydchhcjcgtssssssssudxudhccbbccccccccccccc vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfg gfmf g ,v,,b b,ggktjeyz;z .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,bbbbbbbbb <br />
    <br />
    most of us dont know what she means but i do. she said something like , "i think daddy goes on gaia way to much and he should be spending more time with me!" yeah she's kinda self centered well any way im not tired but i want to roam gaia so c ya. L8rs!!!! biggrin <br />
    <br />
    hey whats up people. so im still on my way to having the longest about me column. so any waay i just realized something. u know the game Final Phantasy (some people like that game waaaayyy to much)<br />
    so how is it called FINAL phantasy. its not the final fantasy if u keep making like one hundred of them. any way, i got the game legend of zelda wind waker like 4 days ago and im almost done. <br />
    u know how some people have like 200 friends. yeah well most of them arent really friends they are just desperate noobs looking to not look noobish. my mom's yelling at mee to take a shower. oh yeah and i forgot to tell u the time : 10:30 PM AUGUST 26 ok brb biggrin <br />
    <br />
    hey its :10:57 PM AUGUST and im back from my shower. any way my fingers are way to tired to keep writing so L8rs!<br />
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