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  • Artist Info: I watch a lot of anime, all the pictures on my profile I've watched (or read), and that's probably not even half of them. I'm an aspiring artist- writer, painter, drawer, maybe one day, animator. My goals in life: being happy, feeling accomplished and wanted, and helping, understanding, and inspiring other people. I have ups and downs, and I'm still learning and growing up.<br />
    I hate school, the government, and society in general. I don't belong to a political party, and if anyone wants to know my views, they can sit down and ask me. I think people are stupid, apathetic, and annoying, but at the same time, very beautiful. Life is shitty, but only because I haven't rebelled and done things my way yet, and that's mostly because I'm still working out how to clearly express myself.<br />
    And yeah, lots of things...
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