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  • Artist Info: introduce? heyy nig! im, Carly (:i'm single but i misss someone alot ): . I learn from my painn .I gotta keep movvin even when the beat is gonee. get whatt im sayin? no? too badd.don't underestimate me, cause i promisee i will prove you wrong.im in control of my life completely && nott by you ! mostt likely, im the only girl you'll know that eats apples in the shower && yell at oldd people in nursingg homes. i hate people who plaay gamess with me && peoplee who plaay me like im a gamee. i'm nott, soo think aboutt it! like everyone else in the world, i'm not perfectt && guess what?i don't try to be. don't assk me 1000 questionss . hoes will talk shitt, causee they think they knoww me. bitch pleasee, if i hadd a dick, you'd be the first to blow me!! i'm a loverrr. but i will fightt for what i lovee. so lett that cross your mindd.i ain't afraid to tell a bitcch to her facee. && i sure as hell ain't afraid to knock youu the hell outt faggot ! geett it straight! if i tell you i love you♄ then i mean it so don't question it!!! if i tell you that yourr my closee friend && i trust you, then don't leave me. cause' i will fall ..fall hardd. i got lots of best friends but only a feww truee ones.. You could be my besst friend too, jusst prove to me, that i can trust you. Like i said, i will knock a bitch out with no hesitation. I do hatee people, youu mightt be one of them . overall i'm a pretty nice person, just catch me on my good days biggrin . i havee low self- asteem andd i think bad of my selff and all the little rude comments hoees gota say to me don't help bring that up. sometimes, i feel like im in a dreeam && i don't wanna wakee up but someonee draagss it back to hell for me. shiit! well, i hatee my familyy. i think dinoss are sexxaay hott ,like yooouh (: im straaight, andd proudd niggah! i got a numberrrr, so ask forr it. sykee! it's 8436399056 , texxt ittt. loserrr, . carly hatess you? carly lovess you? you choose. <br />
    -peace whores.<br />
    What i want and u can get me!!!: Egyptian Gold Anklet (right), Egyptian Gold Anklet (left), Black and Gold Oversized Bangles, Secret butterflies, gold tiara, golden sparkles, and ENCHANTED STRINGS, please buy at least one for me!! I need em' and i wil return the love, becuz i love you!!<br />
    <br />
    Shoutouts:<br />
    Chris- the best. i swearr, i love you. (:<br />
    Bryce- i lovee this boy till death! he's been my best friend since the beginning bioootch.<br />
    Kristenn-muhh lesbiaan lovah (jan.3.10)<br />
    Ema-she ownss me ;shes my lovvaaah too!<br />
    Hannah-i own this b i t c h ,sorry.&lt;3<br />
    Marina-idk what happened but i love you.<br />
    Angel-my sister, forever&lt;3<br />
    Mike- my kidnapper; we have 19 children too (;<br />
    Dan-ehh ; jk! my buddy!!!<br />
    Blu- b.o.b friend.<br />
    VANNESSA-my demonic twinnie ; my texxt friend.<br />
    Jayy Jayy- omfg, i lovee him!!but we never talk );<br />
    Madiee- my sexxx partnerr.<br />
    Elijahh-hugggg buddeh!<br />
    Tom Tom (T)- i wish we would talk..<br />
    Coreyy-what happened?ily.!!<br />
    Harley- my besst brother &lt;3<br />
    takeo- he is jussst amazing (;<br />
    brandon- he understandss.ily baaaay<br />
    Katrina- muhh kitt kattt biiotch.<br />
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