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    It all started 68 minus 52 years ago. It was around lunch time, and my grandma was probably somewhere killing zombies, as she usually is. On the other side of the planet, a chinese family was probably sleeping. Anyway, it was a lemony fresh day, and my Daddy was in labor. But at the LAST second, they realized their goat baby was upside down on the monkey bars. So they sent in an fashionable team of doctors to assese the situation. They decided on an emergency C-section, but right in the middle, my Daddy woke up, screaming "F*CK SH!T D*AMN M*THER-F*CKER", so they had to knock them out. About five hours later, I was a brand new bar of soap, susceptible to all disease. But then, Professur Utonium accidentely added an extra ingredient to the concoction. CHEMICAL X. But after they cleaned me up, I was fine. My family of happy goat herders went home, where we lived out our doomed lives. <br />
    <br />
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