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  • Artist Info: I like the cold, though since i AM a human being i hate being cold in the morning, i hate being at a temperature anything higher than "decently warm." partly because my body acts like a radiotor by itself and partly because i just like the feel of cool air. <br />
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    This is me-<br />
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    personality wise im fairly cold, i act nice to people im new with to be polite but unlike most people you will find the longer you know me the quieter i get. I'm well minded but seldom voiced unless there is a subject i actually care about and i like it that way.<br />
    I don't care for strangers but again I'm well mannard (unlike my spelling) and to be honest, anyone I don't feel any devotion to can die for all I care. I'm not saying that because I think it sounds cool, but human welfare is something i genuinely could not care much less about. I'm a nature lover, somewhat a hippie in that fact where conservation and animal welfare are concerned. i would love to have a job some day in the future that would help animals like a zoo keeper or something.<br />
    On that topic i dont really agree with zoos and farms, but it's too late to worry about that and id like to think i atleast did my part to make some animals happy if i was to work at a zoo.<br />
    i believe life is meant to be a struggle between life and death, this is why i dont care for human welfare, we have everything far too easy. currency just isnt something that i feel should be ruling my life, infact nothing should rule my life or anyone elses for that matter. But the modern world and way of thinking has gone beyond what people want. <br />
    I personaly think that government is a waste of time, laws should be thrown to the wayside and all people free to do as they please, be it having fun or raping and murdering people. dont get me wrong, im no criminal, but life is ABOUT having bad things happening to you physicaly and mentaly and getting revenge for it or learning to deal with it, i dont accept that im supposed to find life exciting when all i have to worry about is a poor credit rating. stare <br />
    <br />
    On another topic i like anime / manga as most of you probably do and am trying to learn how to draw it but im not the most talented. however i am a student in games developtment in college and ive learned 3D modeling pretty well. I'm also a fairly active player of the Touhou Project series.
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