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  • Artist Info: -Hello I'm Savannah, people call me Leather on Gaia, but you can call me ethier. <br />
    -I am a female, living in Oregon. I will be a 18 in April, and a senior in highschool in the fall of 2010.<br />
    -I am a bisexual and am proud to be one, if you got a problem with it you can take it up with me.<br />
    -I am a very outspoken person.<br />
    -I love to write and read, I roleplay on this site because it is very fun!<br />
    -I am a party girl, that's always looking for a good time.<br />
    -I love music of any kind except country...that is just nasty!<br />
    -I don't think love is real.<br />
    -I am wiccan.<br />
    -My favorite smell is vanilla.<br />
    -I am afraid of storms, earwigs, and bridges.<br />
    -My favorite movie is The Crow.<br />
    -I am a very loyal person.<br />
    -I have a bit of a temper at times but most of the time I have a cool head.<br />
    -I smoke Marb Smooths cause they taste like a chocolate mint.<br />
    -I inspire to be a writer and be a bartender on the side.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Got any other questions, Roleplays, or comments? PM them to me and I'll be sure to get back to ya.<br />
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