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  • Artist Info: Hello, how may I aserve you?:]<br />
    <br />
    Me:<br />
    1. Erika<br />
    2. I write lyric songz and i play da violin and acoustic guitar.<br />
    3. i luvz da song "Down"-Jay Sean ft.lil wayne and "Do You Remember"-Jay Sean ft.lil jon&Sean Paul<br />
    4. umm...i can write,speak,and understand Tagalog and (some) Japanese.<br />
    5. My hair in real life is lyk 2 feet long and thick(not very thick)and iz pretty healthy.:]<br />
    6. I straighten my hair:[ (2 much split endz but not noticable)<br />
    7. My hair has layers:]<br />
    8. My hair iz wet rite now cuz i just took a shower<br />
    9. I gotz a best friend since kindergarden and i call her my big sis<br />
    10. ppl r confusin me diz year.<br />
    11. 6th grade:teacherz pet year<br />
    7th grade:best year EVER<br />
    8th grade:drama year wit plenty of upz:] n downz:[<br />
    12. h8z 7th period teach cuz he gav me a C<br />
    13. i RLY wana punch a certain someone rite now<br />
    14. ur still reading diz<br />
    15. im azn:](filipina pride:])<br />
    16. i<3chocolate(&jason)<br />
    17. #'s 5-8 talkz bout my hair<br />
    18. y am i still typing?<br />
    19. half baby bro sitting on my lap AND HEZ HEAVY!<br />
    20. older bro treatz hiz xbox lyk itz hiz baby<br />
    21. half older sis iz taking care of my cat rite now.<br />
    22. i nvr rly wanted a cat i wanted a puppy.<br />
    23. HEZ STILL HEAVY!<br />
    24. luvz my bffz:meagan,allan,n tony (luv ya guyz:])<br />
    25. luvz my guy<3 E pluz J = <3<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm<br />
    Blue <br />
    You value knowledge, logic, and deceit. You love to pursue wisdom but also to manipulate and deceive. At your best, you are brilliant and progressive. At your worst, you are treacherous and cold. Your symbol is a water droplet. Your enemies are green and red. <br />
    <br />
    Fav Bands: Paramore, All Time Low, Hey Monday<br />
    <br />
    Where it says dat my birthday is on October 20,my birthday is actually on October 21.<br />
    <br />
    Yes, i no their r alot of things on my pro. tnx 4 checking out my profile:]
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