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  • Artist Info: IM CATHOLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GOD AND JESUS (even tho they are the same Jesus is both human and divine) THEY ARE MY BEST FRIENDS...ok i had to say that now i like to draw im not good but i draw anime i dont know how to get my stuff online and if its colored its hand collored and drawn...i cant showdow yet or draw the people doing any thing other then standing straight...some times handes in pockets i can draw the creases or folds in the clothes eighther (i cant spell) talk to me when ever if you have questions about me no matter what i will answer them i also like to wright songs i have some in the arena area if you want to look fly (my version the other is my cousins) you are my dream(my cousin wrote it) freak girl smile at me goodbye baby jordan are we friends and i dont remember if there is more and i will put more on later i not only draw anime i watch it too my favorite is kodocha and then i play some vidio games i am simi litarit i use tex talk but hate the ** stuff in the middle of words like p**sy or w/e I HATE IT!!! so thats all i can think of thnx ^^<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    My name is Chris<br />
    I am three,<br />
    My eyes are swollen<br />
    I cannot see,<br />
    I must be stupid<br />
    I must be bad,<br />
    What else could have made<br />
    My daddy so mad?<br />
    I wish I were better<br />
    I wish I weren't ugly,<br />
    Then maybe my mommy<br />
    Would still want to hug me.<br />
    I cant do a wrong<br />
    I cant speak at all<br />
    Or else im locked up<br />
    All day long.<br />
    When im awake im all alone<br />
    The house is dark<br />
    My folks arent home<br />
    When my mommy does come home<br />
    I'll try and be nice,<br />
    So maybe ill just get<br />
    One whipping tonight.<br />
    I just heard a car<br />
    My daddy is back<br />
    From Chariles bar.<br />
    I hear him curse<br />
    My name is called<br />
    I press myself<br />
    Against the wall<br />
    I try to hide<br />
    From his evil eyes<br />
    Im so afraid now<br />
    I'm starting to cry<br />
    He finds me weeping<br />
    Calls me ugly words,<br />
    He says its my fault<br />
    He suffers at work.<br />
    He slaps and hits me<br />
    And yells at me more,<br />
    I finally get free<br />
    And run to the door<br />
    Hes already locked it<br />
    And i start to bawl,<br />
    He takes me and throws me<br />
    Against the hard wall<br />
    I fall to the floor<br />
    With my bones nearly broken,<br />
    And my daddy continues<br />
    With more bad words spoken,<br />
    'Im sorry! ', I scream<br />
    But its now much to late<br />
    His face has been twisted<br />
    Into a unimaginable shape<br />
    The hurt and the pain<br />
    Again and again<br />
    O please God, have mercy!<br />
    O please let it end!<br />
    And he finally stops<br />
    And heads for the door<br />
    While i lay there motionless<br />
    Sprawled on the floor<br />
    My name is Chris<br />
    I am three,<br />
    Tonight my daddy<br />
    Murdered me
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