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  • Artist Info: each day ma bro andi would be writting a little part of a story...<br />
    it starts now:<br />
    another night, with ma dad working at this stupid police office... im just there when some guy come by, i think i know him from somewhere, but, where? <br />
    its midnigth and my dad works at night... he takes me to his work since my mom died... i dont remember how much time it has been since she died i dont really want to remember...<br />
    idk but i cant take that guys face out of ma head! she reminds me to ma mom i just dont know y... i think ma dad know him by the way he so him, its just, different. <br />
    when i wuz about 6 i remember ma parents fighting, thhat day i didnt see ma mom again i kind of forgot her face, at least i have a pikture of her se looks so pretty, her name wuz Nora. <br />
    i cant sleep i look out of ma window and i se some guys and some lights... omg! *turns around* i hear a shoot! i go out of ma house when ma dad pulls me and tells me u r just like ur mother, only wants to look for adventures, go to ur room!! <br />
    he is so mean! <br />
    ---------------------------------next day-----------------------------------------<br />
    theres gonna be a party at toms place!!! i know him since we were 4 hes like ma brother i love that guy!<br />
    dad? theres gona be a party at...<br />
    u r not goin anywhere!! <br />
    but dad! im invited! and u know tom!<br />
    thats exactly y i dont want u to go i dont like ur friend tom and u know it i said u r not goin!<br />
    I HATE U!!! -omg i didnt really mean it but thats... i... i didnt... i can notice he is mad...-<br />
    please go to ur room... -silence-<br />
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    omg... im such a bitch! now there r a lot of questions trough ma head... should i go to the party? should i stay here? is ma dad really crying? <br />
    i spend about 10 min thinking... im goin to the party!!!<br />
    ooh shit! i have to be careful if i want to go *i open ma windo and leave the house as quite as posible* <br />
    yes theres tom!! lets see what i can do now...
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