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  • Artist Info: hello all!<br />
    im seaweed.<br />
    im 15 now.<br />
    my best friend is Laynierbug.<br />
    i love her to death!<br />
    im in my first year of high school and its hard!<br />
    I am bisexual.<br />
    I'm just letting you know that in case we're having a conversation and I say something you might think is a little strange.<br />
    And I'm very proud of who I am.<br />
    I try my hardest never to judge people before I talk to them so feel free to message me. <br />
    Who knows, maybe we'll be great friends!<br />
    i am part of the harry potter fandom.<br />
    my favorite bands are within temptation,my chemical romance and evanescence.<br />
    im a total slytherin.<br />
    im friends with one gryffindor.<br />
    if you hate slytherins then i might just have to beat you down.<br />
    im super smart but im lazy so i just do enough to get by.<br />
    sometimes not even that.<br />
    i listen to music almost all the time,even during class.<br />
    i write fanfiction.<br />
    i also write a few stories of my own creation.<br />
    people who go around thinking eveyone lives as good as they do make me very mad.<br />
    oh and i love severus snape!<br />
    and i trusted him from the beginning and never stopped.<br />
    so shame on all of you who thought bad of him!!<br />
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