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  • Artist Info: Hallo Thar. Mah nem is Ryan, an i'm 14. i turn 15 in may.<br />
    <br />
    Yes, i do play guitar (but not recently)<br />
    I am Filipino. And I haz teh friend.<br />
    His/Her nem is liyfe. And he/she iz funny.<br />
    I gotz friends, they are my bests.<br />
    They iz angel553679, spitfire5536, and Phoebex Infinitied--<br />
    I alzo haz brudders. They iz icefire337 and spitball555.<br />
    Me an Phoebex are tight. She my holmedoje.<br />
    No, i am not retarded. But i am socially broken. <br />
    (or X_sOCIALLY dEFECTIVE_X as you may call it.) MAH OLD USERNAME WAS TheRev443 !!!<br />
    I have my brothers' accounts are at my fingertips. They don't really use them anymo', so i cud probably (70% probably) get you things from their account. BUT I WON'T. CUZ I'M AN ASS.<br />
    Life is a bitch, cuz if it was a whore, it'd be too easy.<br />
    and im pretty sure that karma's a homo.<br />
    Yes... i may be (or have been) annoying and may or may not have been peeking in through your bedroom window while you are sleeping. LOL JK. I IZ NAWT A SHTAUKER. lOl kay bye/<br />
    ╔══╗ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ <br />
    ║██║&lt;=========<br />
    (o)11th Hour<br />
    ╚══╝ Lamb of God<br />
    Unknown Album
    <br />
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