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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm Shadow_Wolf231. My previous user names were Aurora_Dragoon123 and jigglyjooce(i was hacked crying ). That means you can call me Shadow, Wolfy, Aurora, Drag, Dragoonz, SW, AD, JJ, and any others if you think of one. Call me jiggly or jooce I will sue someone. Anyways, let us continue.<br />
    I live in the United States Of America. I am thirteen years old, born on October 1st. I AM A GIRL! FEMALE! CHICK! I'm tired of people thinking I'm a guy; male; dude! I am underweight, weighing at 82 pounds. I am 5'3" tall, so yes, I'm small.<br />
    I play Pokemon, my favorite Pokemon is Eevee. It can evolve into awesome types. I really like that. I also play Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.<br />
    I like to eat. I eat a lot. But trust me, I'm puny. I have the strangest metabolism ever. I once had soda for dinner and lost three pounds. I once had nothing but chocolate and lost five pounds.<br />
    I love dragons and wolves. I wish I could have a pet wolf (technically i do). If dragons were real, I would adopt one. I'm in love with dragons and wolves. They RULE!<br />
    I am scared to death by spiders, the dark, vacuums, and needles. Why do I hate vacuums? I have sensitive ears and a sensitive nose. Why the dark? I'm paranoid. Why spiders? Blame my brother. He told me about the spiders crawling in my mouth at night. Why needles? Because, that's why.<br />
    I am against cybering. It's just gross and wrong. I am against bullying. I hate people feeling sad or hurt or both.<br />
    I'm not into fashion. I like decent clothes.<br />
    Videos games, television, and the computer is my whole life... almost. I'm doing these things all the time. Even at school, I'm watching television in my head. Cool, huh? WELL IT'S NOT FOR YOU! Just kidding, it can be, if you want it to be.<br />
    I watch movies a lot. Well, not at the theater, but at home. One of my favorite movies is Scot Pilgrim. I got it for my brother for Christmas and we watched it. It was the first time I saw the movie and it was AWESOME. I like movies.<br />
    I have two puppies. Ilya in my purebred American Pitbull Terrier. She is pure white and deaf. NIkita is my brother's dog. She is a Malamute/Wolf mix. She is fluffy and has an extra toe.
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