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  • Artist Info: Hiya~ My name is Katsumi im stuck with the name rena -_- anyway,<br />
    im not that new to gaiaonline its pretty easy to go on here =P anyway im very young not 8 or 9 O_o im just between 10 and 13 =P hehe only real friends i could tell.. hehe and about my user name JUST BECAUSE IT SAYS RENA_RYUUGU1234 DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!<br />
    OKAY??? I AM A BIG FAN OF HIGURASHI ... well WAS!!!!<br />
    OKAY?? EVERYBODY CAN BE FUN SO SHUT UP ABOUT THE USERNAME!?? OKK??? anyway..I am very shy at some points and i love to draw for anybody w <br />
    so yeah -_-
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